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Democracy Dies in Darkness
The former president remains fixated on arguing at his upcoming Senate impeachment trial that the election was stolen, a strategy that his advisers warn is ill-conceived.
The military conducted predawn raids hours before a new session of parliament was scheduled to open and members who won November elections were set to take their seats.
Norma Leiva arrives for work at a Food 4 Less on Saturday in Panorama City, Calif. (Allison Zaucha for The Post)
As states try to speed rollout of coronavirus vaccines by adding people 65 and older to near the front of the line, front-line essential workers will be waiting longer to get protected, experts, union officials and workers say.
Widespread snow totals nearing or exceeding a foot are possible from Philadelphia to Boston, with 18 or more inches possible in New York City.
Sunday’s snowstorm was the largest in two years in the Washington region. Additional snow may fall Monday into Tuesday.
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Tour guides in training view the Laas Geel caves in Somaliland in October. (Mustafa Saeed for The Post)
Leaders in the breakaway region of Somalia say the international community faces a stark choice: recognize their independence or see invaluable history of humankind disappear.
Turnout in most cities was lower than last week’s, but arrests nationwide were up.
Weaver, a longtime GOP strategist, has acknowledged he sent “inappropriate” messages to several men.
Blair Guild/The Washington Post
How Democrats' control of the Senate may affect coronavirus stimulus
Power is shifting in the Senate as the Biden administration tries to negotiate a new round of coronavirus relief measures.
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The group of nine Representatives who will present the case against former president Donald Trump in the Senate chamber are led by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.).
“To just say, ‘Well, what’s the big deal? Let’s just turn the page.’ No, I don’t think so,” the House speaker said.
The entrance to Mersal Foundation offices in Cairo. (Sima Diab for The Post)
The Mersal Foundation has helped thousands of poor Egyptians grappling with the coronavirus and is a trusted voice for information on the outbreak.
The phenomenon has undermined the country’s aggressive vaccination campaign to bring a raging outbreak under control and threatened to hurt Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March elections.
Supporters of the Chicago Teachers Union join a car caravan on Jan. 30. (Eileen T. Meslar/Reuters)
Last-minute negotiations with the teachers union over virus safety continued Sunday.
People came to enjoy the snow Sunday in one of the nation's oldest national parks. (Whitney Shefte/The Post)
Snow lovers delighted in the chance to — finally — have some fun in the flakes. But with more frozen precipitation forecast for Monday, cancellations abound, including at many regional coronavirus testing sites.
The emergence of the highly transmissable mutation comes as the state struggles to meet demand for the vaccine.
Police said they found the woman in the 1100 block of Bellevue Street SE.
Meanwhile, an arbiter’s ruling Saturday cleared the system to reopen school buildings.
A list of snow-related school cancellations and changes for in the D.C. region.

FAQ: What to know about restrictions  and safety 

The two Super Bowl teams had no positive test results by players over the past week, after the four teams in the conference title games had no positive tests by players during the week leading up to those games.
After winning the tournament at Torrey Pines, Reed reiterated his assertions that event officials told him everything he did was fine.
Carey’s novel is an existential fairy tale for adults told by an old artist considering the tragedy of life.
The band's 1964 track “The House of the Rising Sun,” with Mr. Valentine’s electric guitar riff, brought global fame to the British rock and rhythm-and-blues group.